The Stoney Talk Podcast is hosted by Soft Secrets head writer and author Stoney Tark. Each episode will break down different topics associated with growing Cannabis, covering the basics, my top tips, frequently asked questions, talking terpanese and much more. The show is delivered in a highly informative and easy listening, fun format and has been created by Stoney Tark Media.The narrative of The Stoney Talk Podcast shifts away from the typical interview process and was created to be educational and the techniques and tips easy to apply.. Sponsored by Soft Secrets and SANlight, we are extremely excited at Stoney Tark Media to produce each show, and the episodes will be coming soon...…


An interview based platform hosted by Stoney Tark, that allows listeners to hear different sectors of the Cannabis industry talk about their personal life stories, growing advice and hints and tips they have accumulated over their career. Our guests on the show will range from old school and new school breeders, hash makers and extractors, as well as the leading experts in nutrients and growing systems. 

Each of The Roll Models Interviews will be packed full of great, eye opening information that can be instantly applied to your style of growing, allowing you to become a better grower. Sponsored by Soft Secrets Magazine and SANlight LED, and hosted by Stoney Tark.


In this premiere episode of The Roll Models Interviews, Stoney Tark speaks with Mahmoud Hanachi who is Dutch Passion’s head of genetics and new territories. During this interview you will get a true Dutch breeders insight into the history of a company that has been breeding since the 1970’s, the creation of feminised seeds, cup successes, breeding protocol, Mahmoud's top tips on breeding and much more. (Interview Length 48.08)


In this second episode of The Roll Models Interviews, Stoney Tark interviews Banana Man from Trichome Jungle Seeds. During this interview we get into great depth about the history of the brand, breeding Cannabis, the selection process, desired traits, stress training, storing pollen, adventures on the mountains of India, making dry sift hash , his top tips and much more. (Interview Length 45.14)


In this third episode of The Roll Models Interviews, Stoney Tark interviews Ari Singer from DYNOMYCO. An extremely well versed biologist who clearly loves his work and was unbelievably informative. For those who have a passion for true life organics, will especially enjoy this episode as much as Stoney did as they cover everything from how DYNOMYCO got started, the differences between good and bad bacteria, what they eat, how to maintain a healthy balance, the symbiotic relationship, sustainable farming and much more! (Interview Length 55.21)


In this fourth episode of The Roll Models Interviews, Stoney Tark interviews Kees Schelfhout who is the son of Karel Schelfhout, owner of Ex-Tractor, cup winner and a second generation breeder, grower and hash maker. During this interview we discuss the original old school pioneers of the Dutch movement, working with Sam the Skunkman, Nevil Schoenmakers, the origin of Skunk #1, how seed banks operated in the early days, the backstory of the Super Sativa Seed Club, an in depth discussion about hash making, drying and Kees' top tips to make cup winning hash and much more! (Interview Length 1.03.00


In this fifth episode of The Roll Models Interviews, Stoney Tark interviews Cliff Cremer, who is one of the original old school faces in Amsterdam and long standing Chief Editor of Soft Secrets Magazine, author, journalist and creator of the High Life Cup. During this interview we talk about life before Soft Secrets, working as a Dutch marine, Cliff's various books, Soft Secrets and the history behind it, The High Life Cup and the judging criteria, top tips and much more! (Interview Length - 45.25)


In the sixth episode of The Roll Models Interviews, Stoney Tark interviews Cannabis legend and Hash Queen, Mila Jansen. During this interview Mila explains about life growing up, living in Amsterdam during the 1960's, opening the Boutique Kink, living and travelling in India, the isolator movement, the Pollinator brand, The origin of The annual Dabadoo event, the book "How I Became The Hash Queen ", as well as some incredible stories, top tips when making hash and much more! (Interview Length 44.46)