Perhaps the most anticipated book to be written about all things Cannabis, from our very own head writer Stoney Tark. This self-help book is 186 pages covering 18 chapters, over 140 what to avoid tips, and 40 troubleshooting questions and answers. Intended for beginner growers and those who have previous experience, as it was written to carefully highlight all the mistakes Stoney had made over the years. The intention to save you time, money, space and most importantly from learning the hard way!

 The style of the book is written in a very easy to digest form with Stoney’s personal touch of experience and creative writing. Covering everything you would need to know from setting up your grow room, silencing your garden, choosing the best horticultural grow light, deciding the right cultivar for you, plant count and pot size, training your Cannabis plants, temperature and humidity, the vegetative stage, the flowering period, harvesting and drying your Cannabis plants, growing Cannabis with organics, growing Cannabis with hydroponics, flushing your plants, growing Cannabis outdoors, breeding Cannabis plants at home, making hash with your leftover trim, taking clones and mother plants and water usage.

 Every chapter is broken down into each 10 individual parts with an explanation and recommended tip (180 top tips) concluded with a short list of what to avoid pointers. There is also a 20-page section named Ask Stoney that is dedicated to troubleshooting and diagnosing problems that have been sent to Stoney directly, and decided to add them as another way to relate to the beginner grower’s mindset and concerns. Anyone who reads this book will instantly become a better grower and save years of mistakes and developing bad habits!


STONEY TARK'S TOP TIP on GROWING CANNABIS Available On Amazon  Digital format £9.99  Hardback format £16.99  Audio Book £7.99

Cliff Cremer -

International chief-editor Soft Secrets Magazine

“Stoney Tark is Soft Secrets’ main writer for growing articles. As the top dog among fellow growers, Stoney is not just good with plants, but with his pen too. He reaches a public of millions with his insightful and very helpful articles in the magazine for growers, made by growers. His top tips have become legendary and his interviews are read by many. If you’re serious about growing your own crop, this book is a must-read!”

Banana Man -

Trichome Jungle Seeds  

“I have known Stoney Tark for a long time and his knowledge and experience in the gardening and breeding world are second to none. A great person, teacher and anyone who reads this book will become a far better grower...”

Martin Anker -

SANLight C.E.O

“Stoney Tark is a great grower and journalist too. He connects our industry by sharing knowledge in easy understandable words. Our customers like his easy to read articles about every domain of growing Cannabis, and we are very happy to collaborate with him and strongly recommend this book.”

Diggs Terra -

Humboldt Seed Organization Head Breede

“ After 22 years of Cannabis cultivation experience, I highly recommend this simple yet effective book to fine tune your skill set in and around the garden. After the last 3 years of working together, I found Stoney to be an incredibly well-informed cultivator, breeder and activist striving to push the evolution of an emerging industry! “